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JAMALPUR – beauty of a small town!

By Richa Sinha,

As I start on a journey of putting my thoughts into words & sharing them with you, it is just befitting that I start from the very beginning. The beginning of me!

I hail from a small town in Bihar (India) called Jamalpur. And, I wouldn’t blame it on you for not having heard of it earlier. I would start with describing it for you as the most beautiful town ever, picturesque, full with its share of hills, lakes & waterfalls. It is best known for hosting India’s first & the largest Railway workshop. It also boasts of churning out in its foothills, the most revered Special Class Railway Apprentices, better understood as the Indian Railways’ top brass, its mighty officers. Thanks to the Railways, Jamalpur has always had a very cosmopolitan feel.

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Yoga Sadhana & Health Management 2010

Course Details

Yoga is the key to sound health, vitality and a clear mind. It enables you to restore the harmonious balance of body, mind and emotions, which creates total health and renewed energy, whether you are suffering from physiological or psychosomatic problems or are interested in maintaining and perfecting a state of good health. The practices of yoga, combined with a yogic lifestyle and diet, will bring definite and perhaps surprising benefits.

Since its inception in 1963 the Bihar School of Yoga has been recognized and respected world-wide as a teaching institution of the highest standard. People from all parts of the world come to receive yoga training and to participate in an inspired vision of life based on the yogic traditions.

Now Bihar School of Yoga is dedicating more time for Yoga Sadhana and Health Management Courses in view of the great demand and the good results achieved in past years. The following courses will be conducted at Bihar School of Yoga, Ganga Darshan, Munger, Bihar during the year: Read the rest of this entry »

Yoga Teacher Training


This year Bihar School of Yoga will be conducting Yoga Teacher Training for those Indian nationals, who wish to teach yoga within their community.

The Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic understanding of practices and the method of teaching.

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