Bihar Govt mulls opening secondary school in each panchayat

The Bihar government is mulling setting up one secondary school in each gram panchayat entailing a cost of Rs5,500 crore, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said.

The state government is committed to set up more schools and equiping them with good facilities to provide quality education to the students, he said at the Independence Day function yesterday.

There are 8,400 gram panchayas in the state and only 3,000 secondary schools, Kumar said, adding that the state government is making an endeavour to set up one secondary school in each gram panchayat. About Rs5,500 crores will be required to set up 5,400 schools, he said.

Besides, the state government will have to arrange Rs3,000 crores to provide recurring annual expenditure of each proposed secondary school, the chief minister said.

He said that efforts have been made to bring children to schools and as a result of which there are only three per cent children remaining out of school, but these children must also be enrolled in the schools to ensure their future.

Among other measures taken by the NDA government to improve education in Bihar, it has been decided to ensure that the students should have an attendance of 80% in their classes.

Expressing concern over the high fertility rate in Bihar, the chief minister said that literacy and education were the only means by which the people could be taught about the value of smaller families.

The state has a fertility rate of 3.7%, but in case of women with education up to matriculation, the fertility rate stood at two per cent, he said, adding that the population growth could be checked by educating the people, particularly the women.

He said that education schemes have been launched for the people in Mahadalit localities and the minorities with an emphasis on education of the women.

The chief minister also harped on the law and order situation and said that the state government has been successful in restoration of peace and rule of law.

Altogether 74,000 criminals have been convicted and put behind bars, he said, adding that it has, however, been observed that many of these criminals got released on bail and taken to crime.

In order to deter such criminals, the state government has decided to file applications in the competent courts for cancellation of their bails, he said.



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