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Bihar police stations to be GPS equipped soon

Soon the police stations in Bihar, particularly located in Naxal affected districts will be connected with Global Positioning System (GPS). The state police headquarters has already submitted a proposal to the state government in this regard. Read the rest of this entry »


Two killed in Bihar victory firing

Two people including a child were killed in two separate incidents in Bihar.

The incidents occured when the BJP and JDU party members opened fire while celebrating victory of NDA in Bihar Assembly elections 2010 on Wednesday evening.

A 12-year old was killed, when JDU party members opened fire in Jamalpur constituency while celebrating the victory of JDU-BJP alliance.

In a similar incident, a man was killed in Begusarai when jubiliant party workers opened fire.


Railway Colonies in India by John Alton Price

Railway Siding in Jamalpur

When quite a child in India I had gathered, from the odd word I happened to overhear, or the odd attitude one observed when the subject of Railways was mentioned there seemed to be an antipathy towards ‘those Railway people’. I found this somewhat mysterious and puzzling : however, not being in contact with any of the Railway Colony; they lived in the extreme north of Delhi and we were housed in the south or ‘Posh’ area as some saw it. I also remember being told to stay clear of the area where they lived. This rather upset me and I thought the attitude was somewhat curious, not to say unfair. I found out as I grew older and a bit more knowledgeable that the Railway people were considered a bit ‘Racy’ and not quite up to the mark or shall we say a bit common. In much later days I was to discover for myself that these opinions were positively unfair and rather, or downright ignorant. I had in my ‘growing up’ days had very little contact with railway people in India, except for the occasional meeting through rail travel.During my service in the Military I was to be Posted to a quite important Railway Station called Jamalpur, in Bihar. Read the rest of this entry »