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50 years in service of scientific homeopathy

Kolkata, December 2: Dr Prasanta Banerji needs no introduction in the the world of alternative medicine. For his dedicated and diligent work in the field of homeopathy, Dr Banerji was honoured by the P B Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF), at Birla Sabhaghar today. He was being felicitated for completing 50 years in making homeopathy the medicine of the masses.

Dr Banerji’s lineage can be traced back to the great Indian reformer, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar. The homeopathic doctor is incidentally the grandson of Ishan Chandra Banerjee, the younger brother of Vidyasagar.

Homeopathic treatment found its way in Banerji’s family with his father being an active practitioner in his times at Mihijam in Bihar. It was obvious that Banerji would also choose the same stream.

Born in Jamalpur, Bihar, on October 1933, Banerji graduated from the Mihijam Institute of Homeopathy established by his father. He later shifted base to Kolkata, where he started practising on a regular basis. He ensured that the under-privileged sections of society were not deprived of the healing touch of homeopathy.

Soon, he was a well known doctor in the medical fraternity of the city. But he always maintained a charitable clinic where patients could be treated for free.

Banerji’s acumen lies in bringing scientific knowhow in homeopathy, and he is perhaps among the very first to present scientific papers in many international homeopathic conferences.

His most acclaimed work till dateis his effort to completely cure brain tumour cases by homeopathy only.

He set up PBHRF in 1992 which is presently doing collaborative research work with American institutions on the action of homeopathic medicines on cancer.