Railway Tunnel, Jamalpur

Tunnel across the Rajmahal range was made between 1860-1861 and was the
bottleneck in the faster proliferation of the East India Railway
network, which started off from Howrah to Raneegunje(Raniganj,
collieries near Asansol)[121 miles, 1855], reached Jamalpur (1862),
reached Prayag 1862) and Delhi (1866) and finally Lahore (1866).



  Subrata Biswas wrote @

I like this web site…..since i spend my golden 21 yrs of my life in jamalpur…..when ever i visit this web site …i start recalling those yrs…i studied in ” NOTRE DAME ACADEMY “….i miss jamalpur…and .. my school very much….plz plz update the information on “NOTRE DAME ACADEMY” by fixing its picture….its my requist..

  Abhi wrote @

I m missing my home town . I am posted in punjab


I was born in Jamalpur in 1953. My father was on the Railways and we -seven siblings and our parents – lived in a quaint villa in Nayagaon – May Villa. I studied, as did my siblings, at Notre Dame Academy and were fortunate enough to be there when the first batch of American nuns ran the school – Mother Mary St Thomas, Sr Delrey, Sr Faith, Sr Magdalene, Sr Mary Peter Claver. It was a small town but the school sparkled and discipline was tough. We received a thorough grounding in academics and character building there. A wonderful place to grow up in, Jamalpur. Fond memories of picnics in the hills and fishing at the reservoir with my dad. Walking through the tunnel with friends was exciting. A favourite trick was to put a one anna coin on the railway track just before a train roared past and then collect the flattened piece of metal as a souvenir of our escapade. My Dad dreamed of me joining the Special Grade apprenticeship at the Gymkhana but I had moved to a boarding school in Calcutta when I was eleven and nothing could induce me to return to Jamalpur after I finished school. The lure of the big city proved irresistible. But my parents and some of my siblings stayed on. One sister still has a house there, close to the cemetry. May Villa is not the same. The last time I visited Jamalpur I was sad to see the change. So many happy memories lie within its compund.

  ajanta wrote @

its is a good place

  Rajeev R. Singh wrote @

I was born in Jamalpur too — in 1951. And my memories are similar to James. I even remember Sister Delrey at Notre Dame, the reservoir, the maidan (which believe is now a golf course), going for hikes over the 7 hills, the Railway club — and everything else.
Feel good to have found this site!

  Sumant wrote @

Where are you Mervyn??

  Vivekanand Kr. wrote @

Jamalpur…really a beautiful small railway town with a proud history…..developed by the British & demolished by the Indians….In a very short span of my life of 27 years …I’ve seen JMP demolishing day by day….the no-maintenance town…I’ve to say a lot more but the space is less….I’ve only 2 dreams…the first one is to get my father’s 1969 model Lambretta scooter repaired..& the 2nd one is to Renovate my home town-Jamalpur to make as beautiful as it was during British -Emperor.

  Vivekanand Kr. wrote @

after my college examinations were over, I wanted to show my Home-Town JMP to my college frnds & we planned our trip on 30th of Aug.’10. But the encounter between security forces and Maoists in forests of Kajra Hills (Next to the Jmp Hills) demolished our Plan….ok .. next time

  rohit wrote @

dis place now become redlight area sex place.speciely natrodam acadmy

  OM Prakash Sharma wrote @

I m missing my home town . I am worked in TATA MOTORS Jamshedpur as a Manager Excution,Now retired & joined in Craftsman Automation in Jamshedpur,

OM Prakash Sharma

  Panch Prasad wrote @

Very interesting web site . I was born in Jamal Pur and now living in the World entertainment city , Las Vegas ,USA. Planning to visit jamal Pur in january 2012..Please let me know if I could do any thing . Please visit my web : http://www.usitc.com

Good job.

Panch Prasad.


I am in railway & posted in Dhanbad.Jamalpur is my birth place my family lives here, I can’t forget jamalpur.I is very sweet & naturally very green place.

  G S P Rao wrote @

I was born in Jamalpur in 1946 and studied in the Anglo Indian Day school, Railway Middle School in Keshopur and the Rly High School in Rampur. My dad was working at the Rly Workshop. The family moved out of JMP in 1961 and settled in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (now in Telangana). I did my Engineering and was in the Information Technology industry. Now I am the Managing Editor of a literary web journal http://www.museindia.com.

I have wonderful memories of my boyhood and student days spent in Jamalpur. I have vivid recollection of various places there. I particularly enjoyed the Chhat parab performed in the lake below Kali Pahad.and the delicious thekuvas our family friends would send to us.

I am interested in writing a book on Jamalpur covering its history, growth as a railway township and covering the modern times. I would like to get in touch with everyone who can share info on Jamalpur, including the Britishers who once lived here and went away to UK and Australia after Independence. I will appreciate if people can reach me at my email gsprao2003@yahoo.co.in.

G S P Rao, Hyderabad.

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