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ELA detects financial irregularities in ULBs, PRIs

Examiner of local accounts (ELA), Bihar, D Jaishankar has highlighted major irregularities in revenue management in urban local bodies
(ULBs) and Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs). The report was released by principal accountant general Arun Kumar Singh here on Wednesday.

Jaishankar, in his presentation threw light on the salient points of both ULBs and PRIs audit reports. He pointed out that in 39 ULBs, the tax collectors and tax `darogas’, cashiers, accountants and the other tax collecting staff either failed to deposit or short deposited a sum to the tune of Rs 80.70 lakh collected as tax, fees and other miscellaneous revenues.

The report found that collection money to the tune of Rs 79.24 lakh was irregularly retained by the cashiers of Begusarai, Bettiah and Jamalpur Nagar Parishads.

Similarly, in the case of PRIs, the report found that assistants of Zila Parishad — Motihari and Purnia — collected Rs 33.07 lakh and Rs 11.31 lakh, but deposited only Rs 25.12 and Rs 5.24 lakh respectively. The remaining amount was not recovered till June 2007 and December 2007, said the report.

The Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) sustained loss to the tune of Rs 1.62 crore due to under assessment of holding tax whereas due to under-valuation of annual value of holdings, the Biharsharif Municipal Corporation (BMC) suffered revenue loss worth Rs 50.80 lakh, noted the report.

The report detected a discrepancy to the tune of Rs 9.79 crore in the accounts of 33 panchayat samitis it had audited. Rs 90.17 lakh was diverted by Bhagalpur and Bhojpur Zila Parishads during 2003-04 to 2006-07 of 10th, 11th, and 12th finance commission and Sampoorna Gramin Rojgar Yojna (SGRY) grants for other purposes while Rs 41.21 lakh was diverted between January and March 2004 by Runnisaidpur Panchayat Samiti in Sitamarhi district. Non-realization and loss of revenue to the tune of Rs 46.66 and Rs 28.41 lakh respectively was detected in PRIs on account of settlement of `sairiats’, noted the ELA report.

The report pointed out that due to non-reconciliation of cash book balances with treasury/bank balances, the unreconciled difference stood to the tune of Rs 7.59 crore in 32 ULBs. Rs 16.48 crore of specific grants were diverted by 17 ULBs towards payment of salaries and allowances to its staffs. Bettiah Nagar Parishad made a payment of salaries and allowances to staff to the tune of Rs 14.04 lakh irregularly due to retention of its staff in service beyond the date of their superannuation. Gaya Municipal Corporation irregularly paid Rs 72.56 lakh as interim relief to its employees.

ELA report found major irregularities in implementation of schemes in 37 ULBs where works worth Rs 10.04 crore remained incomplete.

The report noted that at Narkatiaganj, Runnisaidpur, Sono and Masaurhi panchayat samitis payments were made for a number of works which were either abandoned or postponed, but the advances made were not recovered. Engagement of the same labourers were found time and again in the same period at Ujiarpur and Parihar panchayat samitis and Patna and Katihar Zila Parishads, says the report.