Golf Course

This is the 18-hole golf course at Jamalpur. Run by the Central Institute, Eastern Railway, it is one of the three golf courses in Bihar. Established in 1913, it is certainly one of the oldest courses in the country.

Just down the Gymkhana avenue is the golf course that is frequented by the Railway and Army officers. The annual ITC Golf tournament is held here.

The golf course also has the grave of an Englishman who was killed by a tiger. The grave of the tiger is not very far away.

Previously this was of 9-hole now developed to 18 hole, marked as a standard golf course. This club is registered to the Indian Golf union. Players from all corners of the country like to play and enjoy the nature. This golf course is having natural beauty with hills, water resevior, tanks and water fall in the rainy season Greenary attracts the visitors.



  S K DATTA wrote @

I am from Indian Oil, Barauni Refinery.
Would like to come to Jamalpur and play at the Golf Course on a Saturday, stay overnight at the Railways guest house.
Require a feedback please.

  ankit wrote @

sry it is only for rly. officers

  Dr k k sinha wrote @

I want to play here.

  4moles wrote @

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