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Madras Coffee House

There used to be a small shop selling sweet meats like jalebis which was a half a century old. Currently to cater to the south indian culinary afficionados the Madras Coffee House is in full swing. Does not have much to describe but does have a small accommodation for two people and has a basic telephone booth. Not intended for soft tourists this place is more for people who have come to visit Jamalpur for railways or other nostalgic purposes.



  Narendra Kant Sharma wrote @

my father worked in jamalpur querry

  Amit Bhatta wrote @

Hi I spent my childhood there. Was there for 15-16 years.

  tripti ranjan wrote @

Really nice place. i am very much attached to this place
CS.Tripti ranjan

  Dev Ranjan Sircar wrote @

Do you know any guest house or hotel etc where I may spend a night for visit to Jamalpur ?

Dev Ranjan Sircar.

  sbose64 wrote @

food items are average in quality and are overpriced.theres no alternative as its the only decent eatery in the town.and they exploit the lack of competitive pricing here.

  Avinash kumar wrote @

jamalpur is the most beautiful town in bihar, This is my native place & i have enjoy & spend lots of time with my friends in kali pahari, filter, golf ground.

  Avinash kumar (Monu) wrote @

Jamlpur is the just like a dream, I have enjoyed this beauty nature with my friends Manas, Tiger & Guddu.

  Suresh nath Gupta wrote @

Hi friends I am from Jamalpur and I born and studied in Jamalpur.Its a great place

  sweta amir wrote @

i miss my jamalpur vary much….

  Maureen Young wrote @

I will be visiting Jamalpur in September 2013 and wish to spend a couple of days there, a hotel perhaps and also a taxi to take me around the town I once lived in. Maureen Young

  rupali wrote @

hotal madras is very nice r very nice nd hotal service r very nice nd all type of food available in this hotal soo I give *****star-:

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