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I do not think of JAMALPUR as a city..I think of it as a railway colony …bungalow dwellings …and Happy Valley

By Yvonne Eva Le Fort
[aka:Yvonne Hussein Le Fort at Facebook]

I do not think of JMP as a city..I think of it as a railway colony …bungalow dwellings …and Happy
valley was the place for picnics and group outings .NO tall buildings like Notre Dame Scjhool in current pictures .The offices of the EIR Works directly across from 14 Victoria Rd were not more than two storey IF my memory serves me right .

Going to school 5000′ above sea level at Jharipani then returning to JMP for holiday periods where was there any mountain in JMP? Intriguing …there were rolling hills at Happy Valley…and somewere not that far away we went to hotsprings near a river that had alligators in it …we were not allowed to go swimming in it. Read the rest of this entry »


Jamalpur, Bihar state, India

Jamalpur, Bihar state, India

Jamalpur, Bihar state, India

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar used to sit and meditate at this tamarind tree when he was a boy. It is by the lakeside in Death Valley.

There is another tamarind tree that is even better known as a meditation spot for little Prabhat.