Shakti Peeth Maa Chandika Sthan Munger (मुंगेर) Bihar

In the city of Munger, the eastern region of city on the bank of river Ganga, among the Vindhya Mountain in a cave, Shakti Peeth Maa Chandika Sthan is situated with a historical importance. The place where Chandika Sthan is situated, their left eye of Maa had felled, it is said that the history of Chandika Sthan is related to Raja Karna. Raja Karna was worshipper of Maa. Raja Karna used to worship Maa daily, he used to daily come in mandir and jump into boiling ghee,Acording to saints Maa used to give Darshan to Raja Karna and made his dead body alive. Due to Maa Raja Karna use to daily get 1.75 man gold, which gold Raja Karna use to distribute the gild to the needies in Karna Chaura.

During period of Navratra, tantriks from different place come here to play for siddhi. For tantra sandhna it has got the same importance as of kamakhya mandir of assam. Previously it had got a very small entrance but in 20th century its entrance was converted into bigger one. Chandika Sthan’s development was done by 40-50 years back by Rai Bahadur Keadr Nath Goinka, again in year 1991 Shyam Sunder Bhangad had done. Still the development work is goin on in mandir, during both the navrata’s Paramhans Swami Niranjana Nath Saraswati does the Satsang and Bhajan.

Candi Asthan is considered as one of the sacred Shakti-Peeth  out of 64 Shakti-Peet available on the earth . This Shakti-Peeth is located in Munger district of Bihar ( India )  . Chandi Asthan is approximately 2 km away from the main munger town .The main land mark near chandi asthan is  100 years old ITC  factory . Chandi Asthan is considered as one of the siddh-peeth  like kamakshya temple near Gauhati ( Aassam ) .It is one of the most Sacred & sanctified temple of India & holy  place for  millions of hindu pilgrims every year. Esp. in the Navrat season the pilgrims  visit  increases  very much . 

Story about Chandi -Asthan :   

The story associated with Chandi Asthan is simmilar like other Shakti-Peeth , When Lord shiva was dancing in “Tandav-Mudra ” with the corpse of Maa Sati  the whole earth began to shake & the whole creation was in danger & was about to destroy . To save the world the gods requested Lord Vishnu to save the earth & Lord Vishnu managed to cut Sati’s corpse in 64  pieces by his “Sudarshan Chakra”  .According to this legend story the left eye of  Maa Sati fell at Munger ,which in long  run developed  into a place of worship  of goddess Chandi .Among the different Shakti Peets ,this place is famous for the  cure of  eye problems of any disorder . Another legend story is also linked with this temple of Mahabharata Age . According to that  Raja Karna used to worship Chandi Maa every day and in turn the goddess gave him “Sav mann  Sona ” ( ~ 50 kg Gold ) ,which Raja Karna distributes amoung the poor & needy people at “KarnaChoura ” ( A place where today International  YogaShram  is Situated ” . Our Team Visited there & collected some good snaps  for  the users.

Location        :  Chandi Asthan is ~ 1 km distance from ITC  Ltd , Basudevpur , Munger .

 How to Reach  Chandi Asthan  :  


         Train : Nearest Railway Station : Jamalpur Junction  then by  Road by Taxi.

         Air    : Nearest Airport : Patna Airport


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