On the sky of religion, Munger is one of the Bright Star. Chandi Asthan one out of the Sixty-four shakti peeths is situated in Munger. On the Northeast corner of Munger, Chandi Asthan is just 2 one kilometer away from the Munger town. Being a Siddhpith Chandi Asthan is considered to be one of the most sacred and sanctified temples, as important as Kamakshya temple near Gauhati. Legendary stories says that it was to save the world from the anger of Lord Shiva, as he took the corpse of Sati and began dancing in the “Tandav Mudra”, as a result of which the earth began to shake and the whole creation was about to destroy, Lord Vishnu managed to cut Sati’s corpse in 64 pieces by his Sudarshan Chakra.


The same legend says that the left eye of the Sati fell at Munger, which subsequently developed in to a place of worship of the Divine Mother Chandi.Among the different shakti piths Chandi Asthan is famous  for the cure of eye troubles.Another legend connected with Chandi Asthan is regarding Raja Karna, who used to worship Chandi Mata every day and in turn the Goddess gave him 11/4 paunds ( 50 Kilograms or sava man) gold for distribution at Karanchaura. The Raja Karna is said to be a different person from the well known hero of the mahabharata and was a contemporary of raja Vikrama. The architecture of the temple gives the view of an inverted couldran on the northan side of the temple close to the Ganga and very close to it on the eastern side in the Samashan or cremation site. During the 10 days of Doorga Puja all roads lead to Chandi Asthan on on the 8th day (Astami day) Yogis, Sannyasis and Tantriks come here from Kamakshaya to perform their Tantric Siddhis. It is still a place where goats are sacrificed on every Tuesday.


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